Sworn translation services

The translation of an official document sometimes requires the use of a sworn translation, the official name of which is a certified translation. Depending on the country, it is also called a notarised translation or official translation. In several European countries, France, Belgium, Luxemburg, Spain, it is made by a court-appointed translator registered on a list of judicial experts. These certified translators are thus recognised in France and in their respective countries without further certification. In the United Kingdom and Italy, sworn translation does not exist; the translator certifies their translation before a ministerial office.

The sworn expert translators in our team must be appointed by the Courts of Appeal and the Court of Cassation and have taken an oath. Our selection guarantees you a high-quality legal translation carried out in the most effective way and for sworn translations, if necessary, in the shortest possible time.

At Alpis, our team has many years of experience in project management of sworn translations. We ensure all steps in the process are complete so that your documents are accepted in any country, in particular regarding apostilles and legalisations.

Therefore, we can meet your requests for sworn translations regarding administrative processes, responding to an international call for tender, or setting up a subsidiary abroad.

Some examples of documents we can translate:

  • Birth certificate
  • Marriage certificate
  • Death certificate
  • Extract from a criminal record
  • Kbis Extract or Trade and Companies Register
  • Court rulings
  • Annual reports and accounts
  • contracts, notaries, company status
  • university degrees and transcripts
  • bank statements
  • rulings and decrees
  • certificates and insurance policies
  • powers of attorney and inheritance or adoption files
  • any official document in general
Sworn translation service

Your questions about sworn translation

By sending us a scanned copy of the document and letting us know how to effectively respond to you:

  1. Country of destination
  2. The translation language
  3. The formality required of these documents and any specific instructions

This process varies depending on the country: in France, an official translation, also known as a sworn or certified translation, is made by a sworn translator.

Specialist sworn translators of any court of appeal can provide certified translations, valid throughout France, because their qualification is recognised nationwide, like lawyers.

If the sworn translation is to be used in France, a specialist translator’s signature is not needed for legalisation and the translation can be presented as it is to the requesting authority.

If the translation is to be used abroad, the first step is to have the specialist translator’s signature certified by the town hall of their place of residence, a notary or the Chamber of commerce.

On a certified translation, in addition to its certification, the translator affixes to each page of the source document and the translation, page numbers, the date, their stamp, signature and a unique ne varietur number which serves to ensure the consistency of the translation with the source document.

As the sworn translator specialist is held civilly and criminally liable for the translation, it must be remade or fully revised by them before certification.

A translation carried out by a sworn translator is generally officially recognised throughout the country in question, including the embassies and consulates. Recognition abroad varies on a case-by-case basis depending on the applicant.

A translation carried out by a French legal specialist is valid in any Union under the EU Services Directive Agreement. Please contact us about other countries.

It is difficult to indicate the price of a sworn translation because it depends on numerous elements: the size of the text to translate, the desired deadline, the language combination, the nature and difficulty of the text and on occasion its legibility. The rate is established per word with a minimum charge for small documents and any postage costs. We offer a free quote.

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