Interpretation services in all languages

Alpis Translation and Interpretation offers a variety of interpretation services tailored to different fields, using modes such as simultaneous, consecutive, liaison, as well as phone and video conference. Our team of interpreters consists of experienced professionals who are proficient in the working languages. They are capable of accurately conveying the meaning and intent of speeches while respecting cultural and linguistic nuances.

Interpretation, unlike translation, is an oral linguistic discipline that involves translating a speech in real-time or near-real-time. Similar to translators, interpreters are specialized professionals in the fields they translate. In interpretation, domain specialization is crucial for precise terminological translation. Therefore, it is vital for significant events such as conferences or business meetings.

In addition to these specific contexts, interpreters also play a crucial role in administrative and social procedures. They are called upon to assist individuals who do not speak the country’s language in accessing essential services such as healthcare, social services, and legal procedures. Their presence ensures effective communication between professionals and individuals, ensuring they fully understand their rights and obligations.

The most commonly used interpretation services are as follows:

Simultaneous Interpretation

Are you organizing a congress, conference, or international event? We offer real-time translation services through simultaneous interpretation. This involves instantaneous translation of speeches and interventions during an event, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted communication, preserving the event’s pace.

Consecutive Interpretation

Need a translator for a business meeting, working lunch, or diplomatic encounter? Consecutive interpretation is well-suited for such situations. Our interpreters speak after each sentence of the speaker, alternating with them. This mode of interpretation is ideal for smaller meetings but is limited to two spoken languages. The drawback is the constant interruption of the speaker, who must allow the interpreter to speak after each sentence or group of sentences.

Liaison Interpretation

Liaison interpretation is a specific form where an interpreter accompanies a person or group in their daily interactions. This mode is often used in contexts such as guided tours, professional meetings, medical appointments, or administrative procedures. In these circumstances, the presence of an interpreter is necessary to ensure mutual understanding and effective communication.

There is also whispered interpretation, commonly used in high-level state meetings.


  • selection of the most suitable interpreters for the characteristics of your events
  • choice of the type of interpretation that ensures the best result for an optimal cost
  • rental and installation of necessary equipment (booth, microphones, or portable interpretation equipment)
  • translation of preparatory documents for the event
  • transcription of debates

This is why, at Alpis, our dedicated interpretation team is available to advise and assist clients in preparing their meetings or events.

Accompagnement interprétation toutes langues

Your questions about interpretation

Whispered interpretation is a form of simultaneous interpretation where the interpreter whispers the translation to the person in need. Alpis interpreters are also trained in this type of interpretation. To learn more about our services, feel free to contact us now.

It is essential to choose a professional interpretation service with experienced interpreters that can adapt to your specific needs and offer quality services. Alpis Translation and Interpretation has interpreters specialized in each of the different interpretation services. They are also experts in specific industry sectors to ensure accurate translation with appropriate terminology.

It is recommended to book an interpreter as early as possible, especially for large-scale events, to ensure their availability. However, Alpis is committed to providing interpretation services even in case of emergencies.

Yes, professional interpretation services respect the confidentiality of information exchanged during interpretation sessions. At Alpis, all our collaborators, translators, and interpreters are bound by professional secrecy.

At Alpis, our professional interpreters are trained to handle the challenges of interpretation. They have in-depth knowledge of languages and cultures to ensure accurate and faithful interpretation in important situations. Their specific terminological mastery ensures precise translation of terms. This means that the interpreter is not only bilingual but also a specialist in the field they are translating. This is not always the case with a bilingual friend. Interpretation is an intense intellectual task that cannot be done by an amateur. The speed and quality of interpretation immediately reflect this, and it quickly becomes tiring for both the interpreter and the audience.