Professional and commercial translation services

Alpis Translation and Interpreting has a business division that handles the translation of all your commercial and professional materials for marketing and sales purposes, in more than 100 languages.

Commercial translation is an essential part of professional translation. It is necessary not only to translate accurately but also to simultaneously find a compelling formulation for your presentations, advertisements, and communications aimed at your international clients. This is undoubtedly a crucial aspect for the development of your company. The choice of terminologies and the quality of the language used, as well as its adaptation to the audience, are important factors for the success of your sales.

This requires specific linguistic and non-linguistic skills depending on the type of text to be translated. In other words, our teams of professional translators and proofreaders must have a precise mastery of the language and an understanding of the business challenges targeted by your company in the documents to be translated. Consequently, high-quality commercial translation is essential to ensure clear and effective communication with foreign clients. This reassures them about your company’s ability to meet their needs. In fact, it affects the brand image and reputation of your company.

Thanks to the shared knowledge in trade and marketing, the team of our business department can accurately translate your commercial documents. The image of your company and the value of your brand are thus preserved and valued internationally.

Our department includes project managers for translation in each requested language, graphic designers, DTP designers capable of handling any type of document so that it is directly usable and meets your final needs. Our specialized audio and video team also takes care of subtitling and dubbing of your materials. Their experience allows them to capture the nuances of your commercial message, adapt the content for various international markets, and ensure a smooth and convincing translation.

Content Localization

Performing a commercial translation often requires content localization, adapting messages and cultural elements specific to each market or target country.

For this, our business team strives to understand the nuances of the foreign market. Our translators and proofreaders take into account differences in norms, values, and consumer expectations. By using the correct terminology, your products or services are naturally found on the internet and purchased by your customers.

Whether for commercial contracts, brochures, websites, or presentations, we are committed to providing a high-quality service that best meets your needs. In this way, we strengthen your credibility internationally.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Commercial Translation and Marketing

Commercial translation is the translation by a professional translation agency of your marketing communication materials with the aim of making your products internationally understandable and sellable.

Commercial translations obviously play a crucial role in the communication and brand image of a company. It is the only opportunity to make a good first impression on a foreign-language interlocutor. A professional translation agency guarantees an accurate translation, adapted to the target market, and in compliance with linguistic and cultural norms and practices. Do not hesitate to contact us now for more information on commercial translation.

Localization is the process of adapting a translated content to meet the cultural, linguistic, and regional specificities of the target audience. This includes, among other things, adapting the user interface, date formats, and currencies for an optimized user experience. In Arabic or Asian languages, this may involve significant changes to the structure of your document.

Our business department respects the ethical rules of our profession, which prescribe professional secrecy, both for translation and interpretation. We also comply with GDPR and regularly audit our tools for confidentiality and data protection. It is recommended to work with translation agencies that sign confidentiality agreements and to prefer reputable translation services that ensure the security of confidential information, as our business department at Alpis does.

You can tell the tree by its fruits. A commercial translation will be appreciated first and foremost by your customers and will enable you to conquer new markets. Technically, the quality of a commercial translation can be assessed by checking linguistic accuracy and coherence, as well as fidelity to the meaning and intention of the source text. This is why your commercial translations are systematically carried out by a specialized team. Note that review by a second translator is an important step. It is followed by a review and final check, which also contribute to ensuring a quality translation.

A translation memory is a database that records previously translated text segments. It is used mainly when drafting or reorganizing similar content. It can also be used to ensure terminological consistency across all your documents. Finally, it saves time and costs, as translations already performed are not billed again.