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Website translation is an essential element for businesses aiming to conquer foreign markets and expand international visibility. At Alpis Translation, we provide professional translation services for your website or e-commerce to help you reach a global audience and maximize your business potential. With our team of experienced and specialized translators, we offer website content translations in different languages.

Translation of websites across all platforms has key specificities. It requires cultural and linguistic adaptation to reach an international audience. Messages, images, and cultural references are tailored to each target market, enhancing the brand’s credibility. Accurate and smooth translation improves the user experience, fostering a high conversion rate.

Translation of websites across all platforms includes the translation of various content types, such as web pages, navigation menus, interactive buttons, multimedia content, dynamic content, and metadata. These elements are translated to enable international users to understand and interact with the site in their native language. Consistent and professional translation of these supports is essential to provide a smooth user experience and ensure precise understanding of the content for users worldwide.

At Alpis, our translators consider the cultural specificities, standards, and expectations unique to each market to ensure a translation that resonates with your target audience. We adapt messages, images, symbols, and cultural references to create an emotional connection and strengthen your brand’s credibility in international markets.

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Your questions about website translation across all platforms

Translating your website allows you to reach an international audience, increase visibility, and open up new business opportunities.

The types of content to be translated include web pages, navigation menus, interactive buttons, multimedia content, dynamic content, and metadata for SEO (search engine optimization).

The choice of languages depends on your target audience. It is recommended to translate your site into the most used languages for your potential markets. English and Spanish dominate the American market, while English and German dominate the European market. For the analysis of a specific foreign market, you can contact us directly.

To ensure the quality of translations for your websites, it is recommended to rely on professionals in specialized translation for websites. Our team of translators, proofreaders, and revisers is at your disposal for your requests.

The duration depends on the size and complexity of your site.
However, we can provide a precise estimate by contacting us and requesting a quote.

If you wish, we offer a continuous translation service, updating new versions of your website as content changes occur. Contact us for more information.

Clearly no, even though many content management systems (WordPress, Wix, etc.) offer it, it is too imprecise. Proof, if needed, that developers are not linguists.
Between a correct sentence and an almost correct sentence, the “almost” makes all the difference.
Studies have shown that one in two native foreigners will leave a site in case of a translation error.
For a professionally quality result, it is preferable to rely on a specialized translation agency.

Yes, translating your website into different languages can improve your international SEO and significantly increase visibility in search results for international users searching in their own language.

Contact us by providing information about your site, including its theme and target languages. Also, indicate the number of words to be translated if known. We can then discuss by phone or video conference to provide you with a precise and personalized quote.

Alpis offers unparalleled professionalism with comprehensive support. Our in-depth expertise in translation and content management tools such as WordPress, WooCommerce, and Drupal, as well as e-commerce platforms such as PrestaShop, Magento, and others, ensures a complete solution for your specific issues.
Our specialized terminology database, constantly updated, guarantees the use of appropriate terms in a precise and current context. By choosing Alpis, you also benefit from a competent multilingual team at your disposal, saving you valuable time and offering competitive rates for your translation projects.