Who are we?

From Paris to Rio via Mont Blanc, Alpis provides high-quality translation and interpretation services in France and abroad to large companies, as well as to small and medium sized businesses.
Our permanent staff are mainly based in Paris and are at your side to offer you a complete service.
We have a network of over 500 selected translators and interpreters who share our high standards and values. They are regularly evaluated in their mother tongue and their skill sets.
We are committed to providing you with an impeccable quality of service regarding professional confidentiality.
Our services are carried out in strict compliance with regulations, in complete clarity.
Our innovative tools allow us to offer you customised solutions at a very suitable quality/price ratio.


We provide our clients with one, qualified contact person who will provide support throughout the service.

Thanks to this we can:
Understand your professional needs in order to offer you the right service
– Put the necessary means in place for your specific professional field
– Check that your requirements are taken into account
– Check that deadlines are met
– Ensure a high quality service


Every translator, interpreter or other associate who wishes to work with us must meet several requirements on our part.
One of these requirements, and without a doubtone of the most important, is professional confidentiality.
We often work with the French and foreign ministries, as well as for large and small French companies.
However, no matter who our client is, we always require our associates to sign and abide by a strict confidentiality agreement.
Whether it’s in the business or diplomatic world, we know that the success of your projects depends on it.


An excellent translator or interpreter can prove to be absolutely useless in a technical meeting if they do not have the correct in-depth technical knowledge to feel at ease in your particular professional field. To overcome this, we constantly carry out a selection and evaluation process of our employees in order to keep only those who really suit your needs.


Our high-quality service ensures your security and guarantees the consistency of the service provided for your project. Terminology, style and adaptation are regulated to avoid foolish or even dangerous situations.