A range of services for all your professional needs

Alpis is a multilingual and multi-service translation and interpretation agency, founded in Paris more than eight years ago. Whilst Alpis exists as one of the most dynamic players in its sector, it has been able to develop its expertise while also remaining humble in size.

Present across France, Alpis Translation and Interpretation distinguishes itself through its French-style quality of service and its customised, local support. These precise elements have earned Alpis the loyalty and recognition of numerous clients from all professional sectors.

Alpis currently translates more than 6 million words per year and provides dozens of hours of interpretations in more than 100 languages.

Emergency translation 24/7 service

Urgent translations
24 hours, 7 days a week

Commercial translation
Sworn and professional

Technical translation
and specialised

Page layout, editing
Multilingual publication

Translations of your website
Internet to all media


Dubbing, subtitling,
audiovisual transcription

Interpretation, proofreading,
post-editing and review
in all languages