Your sworn translations and official, in more than 100 languages

The court-sworn translators on our team are judicial experts appointed by the French courts of appeal and Court of Cassation, having first taken an oath. Our selection guarantees a high-quality legal translation carried out in accordance with best practices, as well as the completion of sworn translations within the given timeframe, and even shorter deadlines if necessary.

We can thus cater to your needs for sworn translations, official translations, apostille, and legalisation in the context of an administrative procedure, a response to an international tender, setting up a business, or the creation of a subsidiary abroad.

A clear process that has proven its worth

At every stage, we remain available to assist you and address your questions, through text messaging/SMS, email, or phone.

Here are a few important companies in the private and public sectors that have been trusting us with their multilingual needs:

Expert in your field of activity

At Alpis, our team boasts several years of experience in the entirety of managing sworn translation projects. We handle all the steps of this procedure so that your documents are accepted in any country. This is especially the case for apostilles and legalisations.

We work across all sectors for documents such as: Kbis extract or Trade and Companies Register, court decisions, annual accounts and balance sheets, professional certificates, employment contracts, general terms and conditions of sale, notarial deeds, company statutes, technical documents… and any document intended for official use!

Our multi-sector technical expertise also allows us to provide sworn legal translations of many technical or financial documents.

More reasons to choose our team:

Transparent and straightforward pricing

Clear and defined prices that reflect the quality of service and cost.

Confidentiality of your datas

The sworn translations of your documents is subject to professional secrecy and is rigorously protected. Upon request, we can sign a confidentiality agreement.

Quick and efficient customer service

We are reachable by phone from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. and on Saturday mornings, and by email 24/7.

Deliveries within deadlines

Our diligence compels us to honor our commitments, and of course, we deliver even more quickly in case of emergencies!

High-quality and reliable translations

We regularly select and evaluate our translators to ensure the highest quality.

Alpis is a multilingual translation and interpretation agency offering a range of services, founded in Paris in 2014. It has successfully developed its expertise while maintaining a personal touch, yet being one of the most dynamic players in its sector.

Present throughout France, Alpis Translation and Interpretation stands out for its quality of service and customized and local support, with a team of dedicated experts in numerous sectors, specifically chosen to meet the needs of your project, regardless of the language.