ALPIS provides you with an all-inclusive package for the organization and successful performance of your business meetings. We specialize in interactive multi-lingual meetings and conferences.

Welcoming the participants

Conferences, meetings and events

Multi-lingual welcome provided, whatever the nationality of the participants may be.

Airport or train station transfers available, as required.

Meeting and greeting the participants, then handing out badges and other materials

Access and authorization management for all participants

Information and advice service also available

Badge creation and access management

participant badges

Creation of custom-made name badges
With customized data fields (names, jobs, entities…)
– With photos, flags, logos or other options

Access management
Participant badges
Staff badges
Security badges

Choice of matierals:
Laminated paper, 250 microns
Recycled paper, 280 grams
Extra thick paper, 300 grams
Plastic document holders

Choice of badge styles for all attending participants

Customized cords

Recording of meetings and conferences

 Recording of meetings and conferences

Take advantage of the unbiased neutrality of our experienced recorders to record the minutes of your meetings.

We provide a verbal and written recording service for your meetings and conferences, which can be performed on the spot or retroactively.

Records can be provided in three different formats:


Choose from a range of models and styles for the presentation of your reports.

Recording of discussions

Recording of discussions

Mono-lingual recording of company meetings, conferences and other events.

N.B.: Other languages can, of course, also be recorded, but their translation will not be recorded at the same time. If this is a case of simultaneous interpretation or accompaniment, the translation will also be recorded, as it is not done on the spot.

Multi-lingual recording. The original discussions are recorded along with their translations, executed in the interpreters’ booths.

N.B.: If there is no booththe original discussion and the translation cannot be recorded at the same time.

A transcription of speeches made in French and other languages can be provided.

Multi-lingual translation of verbal proceedings

Translation Service

Your associates come from all over Europe or even from all around the World.

What if, when coming back back home, they could receive the translation of the verbal proceedings of the meetings they’ve attended?

We take care of everything:
Translation of all languages
Prompt and timely service
Dedicated project manager

Interactive collaboration before and during the meeting

interactive meeting

 Sharing out of documents before and during the meeting to improve preparation en cooperation.

Opportunity to ask questions and/or to make suggestions during the course of the event

Innovative voting system to enable real-time decision-making via smart-phone, text messaging, tablet, laptop or computer

Customer-satisfaction surveys and/or quizzes after the meeting / training event.

Production of statistical and analytical reports of your events

Working on a number of platforms (text messaging, laptop, smart-phone, tablet, and other devices.)

Audio-visual equipment rental

interpreter’s booth

Interpreters’ booths

Speakers’ desks


Sound system

Recording system

Mobile interpreting equipment